Auto Glass Insurance Rights

Call Mesko BEFORE You Call Your Insurance Company

Mesko Glass wants everyone to know that under Pennsylvania state law you, the consumer, has the right to choose where to go for your auto glass repair services. Some insurance companies may try to steer you towards auto glass shops of their choosing, but if you do choose to go with another shop, they will still honor the claim. Know your rights!

Call Mesko Glass and we can make filing an insurance claim as easy as possible.

Mesko makes filing an auto glass claim easy for all of our customers

Auto Insurance Claim Support

Getting help with your auto insurance claim is not a problem

For auto glass repair or replacement, the choice is yours when it comes to insurance claims. You have the right to request the auto glass shop of your choice to perform the work on your vehicle, and no one, including your insurance company, can force you to use a particular shop. It's your car, it's your insurance coverage and it's your choice.

At Mesko Glass, your installation is always backed with a lifetime warranty covering our workmanship. Also, all that you are responsible to pay would be your comprehensive insurance deductible.

We work with all insurance companies and can easily help you file a claim for your chipped or cracked windshield as well as any other glass in your vehicle. Call or stop by one of our locations and our staff will take great care of you, your car, and your claim. If you talk to the claims network yourself, make sure to request Mesko Glass and your claim will be dispatched to one of our shops.

Since 1930, Mesko Glass has been helping people get their cars back on the road quickly and safely and we are happy to continue to serve the community into the future. Remember, for an auto glass insurance claim, the choice is yours and Mesko Glass is honored to be that choice. Request Mesko Glass to repair or replace your broken auto glass.

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