Residential Door Glass

Every one of our doors will provide a new look to your home.

At Mesko you'll find the door to accentuate your home perfectly while providing heating and cooling efficiency and security.

The unique designs and quality craftsmanship, guaranteed by the Mesko family, always provides a welcome feeling to everyone visiting your home.

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Sliding glass doors for decks and patios in Scranton and northeastern PA

Patio Doors

Mesko Glass carries a complete selection of patio doors from top manufacturers, such as Provia and the Silensia series from PH Tech.

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Mirror Doors

Mesko Glass carries a complete selection of Framed or Frameless Mirrored Doors, including Sliding, Bi-fold and Swing models. Available in Single, Two and Three-Panel variations.

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Mirror Doors

Glass Patio Doors

Choose from hinged patio doors and sliding patio doors in 2, 3 or 4 panel configurations with available features like integrated mini-blinds, French or Georgian style grids, European-style kick panels, and more.

Silensia Patio Doors by PH Tech

Silensia Patio Doors by PH Tech doors don't just look good. They also deliver the ultimate in energy performance, noise reduction, and security. PH Tech patio and entry doors deliver smooth strength and solidity every time.

Homeowners and fabricators will appreciate their outstanding energy performance. What's more, our doors offer premium features you won't find elsewhere.

Peace and Quiet Come Naturally

A hallmark of quality living for over 25 years, Silensia Patio Doors are still regarded today as one of the world's most innovative and popular patio door systems. You'll get the ultimate in thermal performance and sound abatement. Multi-chamber profiles, triple weather stripping at side stiles and triple-contact weather stripping at meeting stiles virtually eliminate outside noise.

Glass patio doors in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Allentown & surrounding areas

Mirror Doors

E-Series Mirror Doors

The Alumax E Series may be one of our most competitive mirrored doors. This two panel system is handsome enough to complement any home decor, yet rugged enough to meet the most demanding of commercial applications.

Open it.... Close it... Feel how smoothly it glides on its adjustable heavy duty rollers. Alumax's totally integrated manufacturing facilities allows us to produce a sliding door that will not only give optimum performance today, but for years to come.

And our most important feature, the Silver and Gold Brite-Anodized finishes or White Powder Coat finish is a perfect match to Alumax Bath Enclosures.

The Alumax E-Series Mirror Door is available in both Two-Panel and Three-Panel styles.

Alumax E-Series Mirror Door

F-Series Two and Three-Panel Frameless Mirror Doors

For that contemporary all-mirror look, choose the F Series Frameless Mirror Doors from Alumax. The safety mirrors are supported by new thin-line framing for maximum expanse of mirror.

A uniquely attractive door, the 2 or 3-panel is available in a full floor-to-ceiling height. They also come with touch-control performance, adjustable rollers, and an ultra trim protector for the mirror edges.

See them today in your choice of Brite-Anodized Gold or Silver Finish.

F Series Frameless Mirror Doors from Alumax

H-Series Two and Three-Panel Sliding Mirror Doors

Beautiful enough for your home, rugged enough for commercial use, these Alumax H-Series Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors can do a lot for your room.

Our tough, adjustable nylon rollers resists wear and noise, while a new system of corner joinery provides rigid framing for long use.

The bulk of the frame is hidden behind the mirror panels, leaving a narrow border to accentuate the mirror. A full length vinyl bumper, an Alumax exclusive, allows the door to be closed repeatedly without marring the wall.

Alumax H-Series Sliding Mirror Wardrobe Doors

FB-Series Two and Four-Panel Frameless Bi-Fold Mirror Doors

Use of Alumax's FB 2-Panel Bi-Fold need not be limited to the bedroom. Its full access capability makes it a natural for hallway coat closets, personal wardrobes, bathroom linen and other compact storage areas.

The secret of this door lies in its ability to accomplish more with less. Unlike traditional mirror doors, there is no cumbersome framework to have to force or peer around. Instead, an almost invisible support system responds eagerly to the touch while assuring an uninterrupted view.

Alumax Frameless Bi-Fold Doors are available in traditional Brite-Anodized Silver and Gold as well as White Powder Coat finish.

The Alumax FB-Series Frameless Bi-Fold Mirror Door is available in both Two-Panel and Four-Panel Styles.

Alumax FB-Series Frameless Bi-Fold Wardrobe Doors

S-Series Swing Mirror Doors

The Alumax Swing Mirror Door stands alone when it comes to simplicity. Mounted on durable pivot-type hinges, this door is attached directly to the exterior wall. There is no extra finishing to be done; no need for special trims, casing or door stops.

Alumax Swing Mirror Doors are also often an advantage when it comes to matching the door to its opening. Since each door lies on top of (not inside) its opening, dimensional differences become less critical. A slightly out of plumb or undersized opening may be accommodated as readily as a standard one.

Swing Doors are available in Brite-Anodized Silver and Gold finishes.

Alumax S series Swing Mirror Door

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